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Conservatoire National de Région - CENTRE GEORGE CORSE
22, Rue de la Belle-Feuille
Tél. : (+33) 1 41 31 83 44
Fax : (+33) 1 41 31 83 24

L'accueil du conservatoir est ouvert de:
- 8h30/20h du lundi au vendredi
  (fermeture du bâtiment à 22h)
- 9h/12h30 et 13h30/16h le samedi
  (fermeture du bâtiment à 20h30)

Période des congés scolaires
Ouverture du bâtiment :
  vacances 9h/20h30
  (accueil  : 9h/12h30 et 13h30/18h
  17h le vendredi - 16h le samedi)

Logo Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

  Conservatoire national de Paris

Mentions légales

Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Boulogne-Billancourt : Library


To discover the media library

The media library is a pole of resources whose objective is to meet the needs for information and documentation of the musicians and the dancers.

A unit resources…
Documents audio, video, monumental reviews, partitions, editions, books, reference books, access Internet.
Collective overflow, individual station room of listening, work table

An information center…
Professionalisation of the students
Information on the contests post-academy, the trades of the music and the dance…
To work out its project of careers advice > Course of formations and trades:
- European mobility
- methodology of search for information
- legal and social environment

A space youth…
In order to accompany the children in their artistic studies and in teaching complement, the media library develops a sector child, made up of albums (tales, operas, ballets), the documentary ones (biographies, musical instruments, dance), compact discs and DVD.

The media library is opened with any public for the consultation; the loan, individual listening, collective listening and the information retrieval on Internet are reserved to the professors and to the pupils of the Academy.

 To borrow, consult
To borrow : partitions, books, reviews, album, compact discs, video compact discs, recordings in concerts and hearings of the academy…
To consult : monumental editions, discs vinyls, encyclopedias and dictionaries musical and general.

Catalog on line
The catalog of the Media library is computerized in network with the whole of the public libraries of the Town of Boulogne-Billancourt.

It is consultable on line.

to download the list of the sound innovations > documents and first partitions of jazz

Infos practices
Days and schedules of opening to the public
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday the 13th h30 - 18:00
Wednesday the 10th H - 18:00 (without interruption) 

To be registered with the media library
Free loan for the students of the academy on presentation of the chart of pupil validates for the school year in progress.
Under conditions for outsides.

> Loan
- 5 printed documents: partitions and books (1 month)
- 1 compact disc (1 week)
- 1 video (1 week)
- 1 review (1 week)
The pupils who do not justify their delay are prohibited of loan of 1 day per day of delay.
The loss of a document involves the repurchase of this one.

A team of three people to the service of the readers for any information or library search:
Thomas DRUCBERT, person in charge:  thomas.drucbert@mairie-boulogne-billancourt.fr
Guillaume DUCHENE, material of orchestra: guillaume.duchene@seineouest.fr
Brigitte ESTRADA, sector youth: Brigitte.Marechal-Estrada@seineouest.fr 

The media library of the academy is located on the 3rd floor room 301
Tel.: 01 41 31 83 35 - Fax: 01 55 18 46 06

Useful bonds
Bibliothèque de l'IRCAM ( http://www.ircam.fr/bdd.html )
Bibliothèque Gustav Malher ( http://www.mediathequemahler.org/ )
Bibliothèque Hector Berlioz (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris) ( http://www.cnsmdp.fr/interface/frame/frame_all.htm )
Bibliothèque nationale de France ( http://www.bnf.fr )
Bibliothèque publique d'information ( http://www.bpi.fr )
Centre de musique baroque de Versailles ( http://www.cmbv.com/fr/bib/fsbib.htm )
Cité de la Musique ( http://mediatheque.cite-musique.fr )
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